Pros and Cons of Using Mobile Apps


Most people use mobile phones, and within the construction industry, these apps can be very useful with keeping track of numerous schedules within a project. They have different applications. The biggest question is what is a mobile application? What are the pros and cons of mobile applications you are using?

A mobile application is a designed software that is used on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. It is wireless and it is a computing device that enables one to use the mobile phone effectively. It is normally installed in the phone before one uses the application.

Before you develop a mobile app for your company you should consider various factors. For instance, the pros and cons of mobile apps.

The pros are the advantages of creating and using a mobile app. Here are just a few but to name.

Various Features

These are features that are designed to run on a mobile phone or tablet. For example an app can utilize the camera of a phone to take photographs, take videos, make video calls, send and receive photographs.

Convenient to Users

The advancement in technology has resulted in the growth of smartphone market and the behavior of the online users has also changed. Development of mobile apps has made great user experience since they are able to get the solution of their issues simply by login or sign up in the apps.

Generation of Revenue

It is expensive to own a mobile app but there are various ways on how to settle the cost of mobile development. You can introduce a small fee for people when they want to download the app or arrange for mobile ads. This will enable you to earn some revenue to settle the cost of development.

Personalised Content

A lot of online users prefer personalise content according to their tastes and preferences. Tailored content are very easy to understand since they can be translated according to your language. Most mobile app developers create apps that can meet the users’ interests and behaviors.

Push Notifications and Instant Updates

Users are able to get notifications once they open their apps at any time. The push notifications gives the users opportunity to receive vital messages regardless whether the app is closed or not.

If you are running an online business then mobile apps are the best since they will help to alert your customers about introduction of new products.

Branding and Design

Mobile applications are brand ambassadors of any type of business since they support swipe gestures like pinch, drag and double tap. This is because mobile apps can be customised according to the nature of business you are operation. It is good for that type of business struggling to sell out.

Here are some of the disadvantages of creating and using mobile apps:


The cost of developing a mobile app is too high. It requires a lot of time and money in order to come up with something that is user friendly. Most app developers charge a lot of money in order to complete the entire work professionally.

Complex Maintenance

You need to have a long term investment in order to ensure the updates compile with the regulations of android regulations. The cost of maintaining is likely to be too high since you will be expected to bring on board a professional expert.

Customer Impatience

Most mobile apps that are design well tend to increase user experience and this is the reason why many users will expect a lot in the long run. This is the reason behind customer impatience especially if they are looking forward over a certain solution.